Dekorative chinesische Fußschale

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Presenting a magnificent piece of Chinese craftsmanship, this Turquoise Bowl hails from the late Qing Dynasty. This rectangular-shaped beauty is a testament to the artistry and attention to detail that defined this period.

The bowl’s underside bears a distinctive red seal, proudly displaying the signature of its creator. Its turquoise base, adorned with delicate pink peaches and a green border, offers a refreshing and harmonious color palette. These peaches, symbolizing longevity and prosperity, add a touch of symbolism to the piece.

What truly sets this bowl apart are the additional intricate ornaments gracing its base. These intricate details further accentuate the elegance and cultural significance of this remarkable piece.

Own a piece of history and artistry with this late Qing Dynasty Turquoise Bowl. Its fresh color combination, expert craftsmanship, and symbolic motifs make it a captivating addition to any collection or a stunning centerpiece for your home.

D 14 x H 4cm