Mid century Deckeldose Apfel, versilbert, Italien

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Transport yourself back to the stylish era of the 1970s with this charming vintage Italian apple-shaped lidded box. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this silver-plated masterpiece boasts a small branch as its distinctive handle, adorned with a delicate leaf, a design choice that reflects the period’s fascination with nature-inspired motifs. The gentle patina of the silver only enhances its character and warmth, making it a true conversation piece.

This versatile piece serves multiple purposes – whether you choose to use it for storing sugar or to safeguard your precious jewelry, it’s a delightful addition to any space. The leaf on the box, which still bears traces of its once-gilded glory, adds an extra layer of elegance. This apple-shaped container not only embodies the essence of the 1970s but also seamlessly complements the Hollywood Regency interior style.
During the 1970s, vessels in the shape of fruits and vegetables were a hallmark of the design sensibilities of the era, mirroring a fascination with organic forms and a celebration of whimsical, yet tasteful decor. This apple-shaped box, with its delightful nod to the past, can elevate your interior design, infusing it with nostalgia and sophistication

Diameter: 8cm x H 14cm