italienischer Klapptisch,Metall, 1970er Jahre

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Transport your living space back to the opulent Empire era with this Italian folding table crafted from metal, dating back to around 1970. The Empire style was known for its extensive use of metalwork, and the intricate paintings on metalware, such as those by Stauwasser, greatly influenced this style. In the 1970s, Italian artisans rekindled the trend of that bygone era, producing a wide array of beautifully painted metal items, including this foldable table, which serves as an exquisite side table.

With a monochromatic yellow and black color scheme, the table pays homage to the Empire style. At the center of the table’s visual composition, a scene unfolds, featuring a lady plucking flowers and a young man returning from a hunt, reminiscent of a copperplate engraving. This scene is adorned with intricate floral patterns.

The underside of the table is signed “Made in Italy S.M.” and is equipped with a hook for easy hanging. This exquisite piece not only embodies the artistic revival of the 1970s but also encapsulates the timeless grandeur of the Empire style, making it a unique addition to your decor

D 35cm x H 46cm